István Dienes (1960-)


He has been taking photographs of people since 1999 –mainly of portraits and nudes. From among his masters the phraseology of Zseni Jung is close to him.

A pledged representative of the positive awareness of life. We can feel the message of peace, tranquility, and beauty on his photographs and photo-graphics.

He creates this style unique in the world, he gives new meaning to his nudes and portraits using a singular technique. The artist is recorded among the pioneers of the style „SOUL VISION”.

His international admission is marked by the number of conoisseurs –buyers form the USA, Israel, Germany, the countries of the ex-Soviet Union, and Japan.


Some of his national awards:

Being in the finals of the competition of „ The Photographer of the Year 2001” -Category of nudes

3rd prize in the competition of Raiffeisen Bank and MAFOT with the title „Smile Makes it Easier” (2002)

Being in the finals in the competition of „ The Photographer of the Year 2002” -Category of human body



“For me making portraits and taking photos of nudes is the expression of the positive awareness of life and the love of people, demonstrating the multicoloured nature of body and soul.”

István Dienes


“ During his self realisation several of his pictures reflect a solution, when -exceeding the classical shape-colour harmony- his quiet, peaceful figures illustrate the harmony of beauty in a world of ardent, surcharged colours.”

Olga Dobos
Art teacher
National expert


“The ensemble of adventure and order.”

Dr. Ferenc Hann
Academic, winner of Munkácsy prize, art historian


“The aetheral tracing of some of his works recalls the beauty of existence for all of us, just like we can reveal the same thing in the brush paintings of the Chinese epoch.”

József Szalay
Art teacher
Secretary of the Association of Hungarian Art Teachers

Istvan Dienes

Kreativfotostudio Bp.